I was born in Konstanz, Germany to Italian parents. Between the ages of 10 and 16, I excelled and Track and Field and haven’t stopped running since. When I turned 20, I left home to travel the world. On my way to Asia, I fell in love with Los Angeles but spent three years adventuring in the Far East from a home base in Thailand. During my travels, I studied martial arts, yoga, skateboarding and dressage.

In 2003, I returned to Los Angeles and broke into the motion picture industry as a production assistant. During the next eight years, I worked as an assistant location manager, wardrobe assistant, location site representative and international liaison.

In 2012, I became a Certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor and opened a small studio in Silverlake. In 2015, I moved to my current studio in Venice. I speak English, German and Italian fluently and can communicate in basic Spanish and Hebrew.

I believe they don’t call it “the core” for nothing. My goal is to teach my clients how to stay flexible on and off the Reformer. I believe in staying healthy and aging gracefully with a flexible mind and body. Having a flat stomach should not be the goal, but it is a bonus that will happen naturally in good time with the discipline and healthy nutrition that I love to encourage in my clients.